The Dangers of Too Much Screen Time For Children (and a Fun, Healthy Alternative!)

The Dangers of Too Much Screen Time For Children (and a Fun, Healthy Alternative!)

As you probably already know, most kids are glued to the screens most of their spare time. They are either watching too much tv, playing too much video games or spending too much time on their phones and iPads. 

It's understandable why we give them these things to occupy their time with because we want to keep them busy, but it's also important to consider the harmful effects of excessive screen time on a child's body & mind!


Here are some of the negative health effects of too much screen time:

- Increased sedentary lifestyle leading to weight gain and a higher risk of obesity.

- Decreased physical activity and limited exposure to fresh air, resulting in weakened immune systems

- Reduced attention span and difficulties in focusing on important tasks

- Increased chances of anxiety, depression and poor sleep quality


I'll be honest, video games, watching tv, etc are indeed very fun, hence why kids do it so much,

but there is an alternative to screen time that is also actually healthy for kids and will develop their mental & physical capabilities!


The Boxing Reflex Ball!


If this thing doesn't get your kid off the couch, nothing will!


It's so much fun because it's a challenge, and as we are playing with it, we are enhancing our

hand-eye coordination,



cardiovascular endurance,

and also helping to

prevent the likelihood of obesity,

mental illness/decline,

muscle loss,

and lots of health-related problems

that would occur from too much screen time and inactivity!


But tt's not just for kids!

Adults can enjoy it's benefits, too!

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The Boxing Reflex Ball is a much cheaper, healthier and (arguably) even more fun alternative video games!

Stay healthy, friends!


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