About Us

I'm Uzair, Boxing Reflex Ball Salesman from New Jersey, USA!

A long time ago, I ordered a boxing reflex ball from an ad I saw on Instagram while scrolling. Little did I know that it would take over a month to arrive to me because the seller was having his products shipped from China (as most boxing reflex ball salesman do using a method called drop shipping, which basically means that they will partner with a warehouse in another location which will ship their product whenever the salesman gets an order, and since most products are manufactured in China, most salesman will decide to have their products drop-shipped from China and let their Chinese partners take care of the hassle of shipping the products directly to the customer).

Despite the long wait (to the point where I even forgot that I had ordered it!), I still enjoyed the product very much and used it almost every day, and still do.

I loved the boxing reflex ball and whenever my friends would use mine, they enjoyed using it very much as well and wanted one of their own, so what I decided to do was sell and ship them myself in the USA so if anyone in the USA wants to order a boxing reflex ball, they won't have to wait over a month for it to arrive to them, but only a few days so they can enjoy the fun product and all the benefits that it gives as soon as possible. 

I hope you will support my business!

And since we ship from the USA, all orders made within the USA will be free of any shipping costs! Just pay for the product!

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