Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What is the Boxing Reflex Ball?

The Boxing Reflex Ball is a small light-weight foam rubber ball attached to an elastic headband that adjusts to any size. The purpose of the tool is to be punched which will improve your hand-eye coordination, leading to better accuracy and timing on your punches during boxing. 


2) As a boxer and martial artist, why should I order this product?

Having good hand-eye coordination and general reflexes are some of the absolute most important things to have as a boxer and martial artist, and this tool develops both! It also can be used as a fun warm-up tool for your boxing or martial arts workout.


3) Does it take a lot of practice to get good at?

Yes, it takes a lot of practice to get good at and is very challenging at first, but the challenge is what makes it so much fun! What I recommend is using large boxing gloves when using the Boxing Reflex Ball so that it will be much easier to hit, or you can start by punching it very slow, and over time as your hand-eye coordination develops, the ball will be much easier to hit repeatedly with your bare first.


4) Can people of all ages use this product?

Yes! This product is meant for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The headband is elastic and can easily adjust to any head size and the string length can be adjusted for each user!


5) Do any professional boxers or athletes use this tool or anything similar to this?

Yes! In fact, one of the very best pound-for-pound boxers on the planet, Vasyl Lomachenko, attaches a tennis ball to his cap and punches it to help improve the timing and accuracy on his punches!


 Punching the Boxing Reflex Ball, however, is much safer and more effective for improving your boxing skills than punching a tennis ball attached to your cap because it is softer, lighter and more of a challenge to hit. The Boxing Reflex Ball is an essential little tool for anyone looking to improve their hands!



6) How long is the shipping process if I live in the United States?

Unlike most sellers of this product who drop-ship from China, meaning it can take over a month to arrive to a customer in the United States (that is my experience when I ordered my first boxing reflex ball), we ship directly from the United States (from Paramus, NJ) using first-class shipping, so the order is guaranteed to arrive to you within a few days ! We also offer free shipping for all customers in the United States!


7) What if my Boxing Reflex Ball breaks or I am not happy with it?

If the item breaks (which rarely happens), contact us and we will send a free replacement to you.

If, during the first 30 days, you are not happy with the item want to return it, you can do so and we will give you a full refund on your order.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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